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                    There is film making and then there is ad film making.There is a special skill set required besides film making when you are dealing with TV commercials.I, as the director am responsible for bringing to life a concept/script which was painstakingly developed and making sure it shapes out as expected.For me the challenge and excitement lie in creating this very magic.

                       Photography for me is a moment that can be captured and interpreted through time and space.What excites me about photography is its subjective nature, that in some way also makes it more challenging.I love photography, I understand it and it kind of understands me to a certain extent. I can camouflage my skill in almost all genres of photography.

            I can go on and on about me and my qualities, but thats not why I am here, I let my work speak for itself.I am here to make my clients ecstatic.I am here to value add to there brain child and help it evolve in something great.

           With more than 20 years in the industry I know where the clients are coming from and understand there point of view before executing an assignment, this helps me create a link with my conceptualisation and theirs.

           Sharran Masand